San Diego Skyline Redux

San Diego Skyline from Coronado Island at Sunset with city lightsCanon 5D Mark III, 24-105mm f/4L IS USM at 35mm, f/8 for 25s at ISO 100, Circular Polarizer.


Until I get that wall hanger shot of the San Diego skyline with the city lit up on a clear day with dramatic clouds, I will keep coming back to this spot and continue to try.

How to get this type of shot

This time out, I paid much more attention to the buildings in the skyline and tried to maximize the view of the more iconic buildings. Normally, I shoot from the platform (32.699961, -117.171648) at the end of Centennial Park in Coronado as in my post San Diego Skyline – Three Different Looks. The same photo can be seen as my current banner. In this view, although pleasing, the west tower of the Hyatt (second tallest building in the skyline) partially obscures the Westin Hotel (emerald building with green lights). For this new shot, I moved over around 400 feet down the shore and shot from the beach (see below). I feel it better showcases the San Diego skyline and will use this location for my “wall hanger” shot when the conditions are right.


Beach area west of Centennial Park in Coronado (Coordinates: 32.700443,-117.173181)


15 thoughts on “San Diego Skyline Redux

      • I just looked at my own skyline shots and confirmed that green funky building is obscured in them too, looks like I’ll be going back! But yes, dramatic clouds are great for shots like this… clouds that just blanket the sky only create glow at night, there has to be drama… good luck!

      • Green funky building, I like your terminology :) Yeah if you shoot a location often enough you start to notice the little things. And I am sure that there are things I have yet to discover about shooting this scene.

  1. I do agree this angle allows the Westin to be visible in the photo, when I enlarged the photo one of the first things I noticed was the Westin…I looked at the others and while I like them all my favorite is the bottom one…the drama of the lights appeals to me. Dark moody clouds add so much to a photo, in this instance especially…I look forward to seeing the next shot…

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