Huntington Library Japanese Garden

Huntington Library Japanese Garden shishi odoshi souza soza fountain bamboo San Marino Japan Pasadena Maple

Canon 5D Mark III, 24-105mm f/4L IS USM at 98mm, f/16 for 0.6s at ISO 100. Circular polarizer.


This past weekend we headed out to the Huntington Library located in San Marino, California, just East of Pasadena. The grounds were hosting the California Bonsai Society’s 52nd annual show where my father had a tree on exhibit and also conducted a live demo.

The Huntington Library is a 120 acre site that has over a dozen specialized gardens such as the Japanese, Chinese, Desert, Rose and Palm Gardens. On the property are also several museums that house works of art such as sculptures and paintings, the most famous of which are The Blue Boy and Pinkie.

How to get this type of shot

The photo above was taken in the Japanese Garden section of the Library and is of a souza, or Japanese fountain. The scene immediately caught my eye due to the texture of the stone basin contrasting with the water. The Japanese maple and bamboo trees serve as both the background and add color to the scene. For the shot I used a telephoto focal length of 98mm in order to compress the image and also to restrict the field of view to eliminate distracting elements from the background. I used an f-stop of f/16 so that I could slow down the shutter speed and get just a hint of flow in the water. The use of a polarizing filter allowed me to further slow the shutter speed and to cut down on glare from the foliage and reflection from the water.


The stone fountain in the Japanese Garden at the Huntington Library (Coordinates: 34.12603,-118.115948)


8 thoughts on “Huntington Library Japanese Garden

  1. A beautiful capture of a souza. The texture and rustic colours of the scene have been augmented by your technically beautiful photo, with the slight movement in the water helping to bring it to life. I enjoy your work as you find more obscure, less obvious subjects than many photographers, The detailed info in your text adds a great deal to the post.

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