San Diego Old Town (1 of 2)

San Diego Old Town Cosmopolitan Wagon Carriage horse flag wells fargo

Canon 5D Mark II, 17-40mm f/4 USM at 26mm, f/8 for 1/40 at ISO 100, circular polarizer

Old Town San Diego offers several square blocks of historic buildings and gives a glimpse of what San Diego looked like during its birth. The buildings are beautifully preserved/restored and remind guests of the heavy Spanish influences in the architecture. Parking is free and with its numerous museums and Mexican restaurants that line the streets it is definitely worth a trip if you are visiting San Diego.

I shoot 95% of the time in full Manual mode which has its advantages that I won’t go into here (a topic for a future post perhaps). However, there are times that it is better to be in one of the more automated modes such as aperture, shutter, program or full auto mode. The above photo was just one of those times. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted the team of horses coming into the frame with the American flag flapping in the wind, I thought this would make a nice photo. I only had a few seconds to set my exposure, compose, focus and rip off some shots. In my haste I overexposed the shot with too slow of a shutter speed. This not only blew out some of the highlights, but also caused some motion blur in the horses and flag. I think the blur works on the horses and the flag and luckily I was able to fix the overall exposure in post processing (this is a great reason to shoot RAW – again a topic for a future post). The photo is not perfectly composed; I would have liked to get the entire light on the right hand side in the frame, but overall I was very pleased with the photo, composition, subject and colors. Had I been in a more automated mode, I could have spent more time with the composition than what I was allowed after having to spin the dials on the camera.


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