Cologne Germany

Cologne Germany Dom Cathedral Rhein koln

Canon 5D Mark II, 24-105mm f/4 IS USM at 58mm, f/11 for 148s at ISO 100

Every winter my wife and I get to go to Germany for a few weeks to visit family. One city that we always enjoy site seeing and photographing is Cologne. This is one of the ‘Classic’ shots of the Cologne Cathedral taken from across the Rhine River. During the winter in Germany the sky is usually filled with low clouds obscuring visibility of the sky. I have tried getting the above shot with a clear sky back dropping the Cathedral on numerous occasions both prior to and after making this shot without success. On this day I was fortunate to have mostly clear skies and some clouds that broke up a completely blue canvas. I was also fortunate to run into a local photographer who advised that I shoot closer to the banks of the Rhine so that I could include the purple glow of the Musical Dome. I took his advice and am very pleased with how the photo turned out. Also, if you try shooting further up the steps away from the Rhine, you have to deal with the ground shaking due to the trains that frequent the bridge which causes some blur in long exposure images.


3 thoughts on “Cologne Germany

  1. Beautifully composed shot and the purple light, included with local knowledge, helps make this an outstanding picture. Loved the detail about the shaking ground near the bridge, due to passing trains!

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